Thai court denies bail and protesters demonstrate

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Anti-government demonstrators held a demonstration outside the Bangkok Criminal Court yesterday to show their anger after the court denied another request for the release of detained militants on bail, including student protest leader Parit Chivarak (Parit Chivarak). ). I will oppose the court’s decision not to release the protesters’ bail. “Our patience is about to run out. This war has just begun,” an organizer said on the loudspeaker. The rally was organized by Redem, a branch of the Rat Sutton movement. They sprayed paint on the sign in front of the stadium, waved three fingers, and threw the object into the building. The protest ended after about an hour. The police warned them not to throw things away and said that if they ignore the phone call, they will be ready to take action. The protest came after the court rejected the bail requests of seven travelers on Thursday. o After going on a hunger strike on March 16th, he was taken to Ramatibodi Hospital for a health check on Friday. The protest leader announced that the protest had broken down and aroused the anger of some hardline protesters who threw the police unit into the building.

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