Sulaymaniyah ‘s Mountaineers Explore the Ancient Wādī Tūnī Bābā

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Miqdad Syed Najm along with other mountaineers decided to make an adventure and embark on an expedition to the gland Wādī Tūnī Bābā. The groove, which has been around for millions of years, is located in south Kurdistan, 70 kilometers southeast of Sulaymaniyah Governorate, as it extends at least 12 km, from which it branches out a group of small and large canyons. Its architectural unique patterns and shape are mainly attributed to the frequent floods and erosions that took place throughout the years. Darbandikhan residents narrated many anecdotes and fairytales about the groove. They claim the place isn’t safe and inside the groove, there are various types of animals along with springs and waterfalls that surround caves

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