Severe Covid Situation in Greater Bangkok-Thailand

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According to the Coronavirus Management Center, Covid-19 has caused severe damage throughout the Bangkok area (including several densely populated communities in the capital), and the infection has been partly related to bar visits and to the Songkran Festival. The Situation Administration announced on Tuesday that since April 28, the number of Covid-19 cases in the Greater Bangkok area has exceeded the combined number of 73 provinces. In the past 24 hours, there were 956 cases in the Greater Bangkok area and 794 cases in the other 73 provinces. “If we can deal with the situation in the larger Bangkok area, we will be able to deal with most of the spread of the disease across the country. He said: “It is widely used in all areas of Greater Bangkok. “He said that in the seven parishes of Lumpini and Pathumwan streets in Bangkok’s Pathumwan district, new Covid-19 cases were found. From April to May 3, the diocese reported 96 Covid-19 cases, among which Pattana There were 61 cases in Bonkai, 14 in Kheha Bonkai, 10 in Polo, 8 in Phra Jen, 2 in Ruam Ryudi, and 1 in Kularb Daeng. During the same period, 66 people lived in other parts of the area, including apartments. , Houses and hotels were also infected. The area began on April 7. According to Dr. Tavisilp, this number was briefly reduced, and it rose sharply immediately after the Songkran holiday.The first Covid-19 cases in these areas were detected in a crowded area, involving entertainment venues. Before the infection was discovered, he had gathered with friends and then spread the disease to his family and friends. Groups of friends in other communities. “Infected people need to be quickly identified and isolated from others. Large-scale testing is expected to reach about 1,000 people per day. “Please cooperate with the test. Tavisilp. Mentioned the spread of Covid-19 in the community of Si Yaek Mahanak Street in Dusit District, Bangkok. As many as 80 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the three impoverished communities in the street. According to him, among them are. Seventy-three people live in Wat Yuan-Klong Lampak town, five live in Lang Ban town in Manangkhasila, and two live in Rim Thang Rod Fai Sai Paed Riv town. The spokesperson said that the infection started on April 9 during the Songkran holiday. Continue to increase afterwards.It all started with three groups: one group was related to a visit to a bar in the Ratchadapisek area from April 7th to 8th, and the infection was confirmed from April 14th to 15th. The second group includes company employees traveling to the Rama II area. The infection was confirmed in April. The third group is a group of friends taking a raft holiday in Kanchanaburi. On April 21, 447 people underwent a mass laboratory test, and 22 of them tested positive. Tavisilp said that Wat Yuan Klong Lampak, with 856 people living in it, will become a strategic area for Covid-19. Another large group is in Samut Prakan near Bangkok. A spokesperson said that on Monday and Tuesday, 160 people in the factory in the Phra Samut Chedi area and nearby communities tested positive. An employee in Myanmar fell there. She fell ill for the first time on April 17, and then spread the disease to colleagues and family members.Nine people living near the factory have contracted this disease. Among the 323 workers in the factory, Dr. Dr. Tavisilp 151 or 46.8% were infected. The Covid-19 Management Center has established a special command center dedicated to fighting Covid-19 in the Bangkok region. A spokesperson said that the prime minister is in charge of the center.

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