News from May 1st: Workers in Sri Lanka will celebrate May 1st in a new way that complies with health regulations.

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Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s “May 1st” anniversary commended workers for their dedication and efforts for social and economic development despite the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. On the occasion of International Labor Day, I extend my best wishes to all workers. “The International Workers’ Day, established to protect workers’ rights, is the most important day for workers. He is not only from his country, but from all over the world, and is always commendable. “I take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution and Efforts for the happiness of all people. “However, due to the global pandemic COVID-19, like last year, International Workers’ Day must be celebrated without demonstrations and gatherings. In this case, we hope that Sri Lankan workers will celebrate May 1 in a new way in accordance with health regulations. Japan. “I remind you that no matter how difficult the situation is, our government has expressed its commitment to workers. As always, we are also committed to protecting the rights of workers. “For us, being able to pay the promised daily rupee salary is a huge achievement.In the 2021 budget, I promised to provide 1,000 euros to plantation workers.

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