Mongolian National Museum adding something new it it’s collection: Coins from the Mongolian Empire

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So far, many types of gold, silver and copper coins from the Mongol Empire period have been discovered in different countries. These are three coins in the collection of the National Museum of Mongolia.

During the reign of Argun-Khan, the son of Abak-Khan, the Ilkhanate established several large cities. Ergun coins usually carry images of the sun and moon, as well as images of animals such as tigers and eagles. The special coin kept in the Hahn Museum is a 2 dirham silver coin, minted in Baghdad in 1285. The front side is engraved with Mongolian characters with the words “Strike Arghun in the name of Khan”, and the other side shows the Arabic scriptures of the Kalima-Quran. The silver coins of Gazan Khan, the son of Gazan Khan, ruled the Ilkhanate from 1295-1304. During his administration, one of many reforms was currency reform.Since he explained that the coin must have a high level of craftsmanship so that people can save the coin instead of using it immediately, the first unified design of the Khanate coin was created between 1296 and 1297. They are made of gold and silver according to strict standards. The 2 AED Ghazan Khan silver coin in the museum’s collection is considered one of the coins with good writing and image quality. On the front are printed “Gazan Strike under the Rule of Heaven” in Mongolian and “Gaza Mahmoud” in Arabic, and “Gaza” is written in the middle of the Abu Said 6 dirham silver coin. Ilkhanate was 12 years old in 1316; he is often referred to as “Sultan Abu Said Bahadur” (Sultan Abu Said Bahadur), and issued coins commemorating the reign of the Mongolian Khan. 1335 is the year of his reign. On the obverse of the coin is the name Khan Bu Said (Khan Bu Said) written in Mongolian, and it says: “Great Sultan Abu Said Bahadur Khan, may God live in his kingdom forever. “Both sides use Arabic. The box on the back shows Kalima in Kufik, which is the oldest form of calligraphy in Arabic script.

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