Miss Myanmar speaks out about the atrocities of the military coup against her people

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In an exclusive interview conducted by A24 with Miss Myanmar, Han Lai, in Bangkok, Lai spoke out about the atrocities committed by the Myanmar army against peaceful pro-democracy protestors and denouncers of military rule, as hundreds have been killed during the protests and more than 3,000 civilians have been arrested since the military junta’s takeover on governance and the overthrow of the elected civilian government last February. Lai added that she does not regret standing with her people against the power of the coup, amid threats on social media she receives about her imprisonment upon her return to her homeland, calling on her people to continue peaceful protests to restore democracy. She pointed out her concern for the safety of her family and called on the international community to send urgent relief aid to Myanmar. The 22-year-old Han Lai took part in the pro-democracy protests in Yangon before arriving in Thailand on February 10th to participate in the Miss Grand International contest in Thailand.

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