Last Debenhams stores close their doors

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The last remaining Debenhams are closing their doors on Saturday, more than 240 years after the department store began trading.

Shoppers have flocked to the last remaining outlets to pick up bargains in closing-down sales.

But the last 28 stores will now be shuttered for good.

The Debenhams brand will continue to trade online after it was bought by the fashion retailer Boohoo for £55m in January.

At its height, there were more than 150 Debenhams stores across the UK, but the chain went into administration in 2019 after several years of falling sales.

The pandemic was the final blow.

In December, its owners announced the business was being wound down with 12,000 job losses.

After lockdown, 97 stores reopened to allow the last stock to be cleared, and they have gradually been closed over the last two weeks.

The last outlets have been plastered with sale signs, offering a mish-mash of items, from bikinis to cafetieres, at bargain basement prices.

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