ISIS Dissident: ISIS Leaders Adopt the Same Policies of their Predecessors

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Despite the fact that ISIS has been demised two years ago, the ruins and destruction it left behind haven’t ceased to affect people’s daily lives. Many have passed away and many were left with unhealed wounds, in addition to those who failed to restore their normal lives. In the countryside of Mosul, which was the de facto capital of the “caliphate”, many innocent children and youths were goaded into joining its ranks. Under the pseudonym of ” Miqdad Al-Mawsili -, a 30 years old man, narrates how he joined ISIS ranks with his friends. He describes his journey and sheds light on the fact that the leaders of the organization including the new successor of the organization “Amir al-Mawla” nicknamed Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, adopt the same policies of his predecessors by resorting to the most heinous crimes. He explained that among ISIS’s atrocities were an incident where a man was killed for smoking cigarettes

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