Hanam opened a temporary hospital with 500 beds to treat COVID-19 patients

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Bạch Mai Central Hospital has built a temporary hospital in the northern part of Hanan Province, which has 500 beds for the treatment of COVID-19. In this facility in PhLý city, critically ill patients can be treated and tested within 24 hours. With the help of Metropolitan Hospital, 10,000 samples can be collected every day. He is going to see the patient on Saturday morning. It has 500 hospital beds, including 30 intensive care beds, equipped with emergency medical equipment and respirators for handling serious cases. The director of the hospital, Professor Oquan Quang Tuấn, said that he is installing medical equipment, testing equipment, and transferring extra beds from Bạch Mai Hospital to HàNội in HàNam. At the age of three, this is an F1 case.

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