Company director deprived of his position for violating Vietnam’s COVID-19 prevention regulations

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On Saturday, the board of directors of the state-owned residential real estate investment and development joint stock company (Handico) in Hanami announced that it has decided to remove Nguyen Van Thanh from his position in order to prevent him from violating the COVID prevention and control regulations.  From April 30 (National Unification Day) to May 1 (International Labor Day) public holidays to Channon, and return to Hanoi on May 2. Despite returning from the hard-hit area, they met a few people and participated in many meetings and other events-allegedly falsely or failed to disclose their travel history, even though his wife had a sore throat on May 9 and many Symptoms, the couple also tested positive for the coronavirus. It also identified about 200 direct contacts, many of whom were infected, and closed various places around the city, including emergency rooms. Hu N (Friendship) Hospital. d Violation of Thanh “is serious and has a negative impact on the capital and health care COVID-19 situation, aroused public outcry, and damaged the company’s reputation and business”.

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