After a new local COVID-19 case was discovered, HCM City closed nightclubs, bars and karaoke rooms

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Nguyen Than Fong, chairman of the HCM City People’s Committee, ordered the closure of karaoke nightclubs, nightclubs and bars until Friday, after further notice, a new COVID-19 case was discovered in the community on Thursday. 2,910 patients from northern Hanam Province visited a relative in Pingtang District, KKM City. The man decided to go to HCM City to see an ambulance after learning that a person he had previously contacted (patient number 2899) had returned to his hometown from Japan and tested positive for two days after a two-week quarantine period. Nguyen Tonbun, head of the HCM municipal health department, said the department is tracking 60 contacts with 2,910 patients: 7 F1 cases (direct contact) and 52 F2 cases (direct contact with F1), as well as taxi drivers. The first test results of all F1 and F2 cases were negative. Fang said that all urban areas, service departments and departments should inspect centralized quarantine areas to ensure that there is no cross-infection in these facilities. If people living in these quarantine areas do not meet the requirements, they cannot leave early. All employees of centralized quarantine facilities must ensure that all restaurants, restaurants and entertainment venues strictly comply with disease prevention measures, including disinfection, wearing masks and staying away from social interactions with others. According to him, people who do not wear masks in public places will be fined, and anyone who makes false statements about their health or makes false statements about their health will be severely punished.

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