A man pretending to be a one-star policeman sentenced to jail for violating Cambodian quarantine

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The Phnom Penh District Court found the fake one-star police officer guilty on Saturday, sentenced him to one year in prison and fined him $1,500 for violating the government’s closure of the capital. Judge Oak Sovannarit determined that the man was 35-year-old Shong Reingsey. He is a businessman (building material seller) who lives in Chroi Changwar District, Phnom Penh, Chroi Changwar Township. The spread of COVID-19 and other highly infectious diseases. Judge Sovannarite said: “The court sentenced him to one year’s imprisonment and ordered him to pay 5 million riel (US$1,500) to the Ministry of Health,” he added, adding that he was arrested on April 18 after proving he was a police officer. . The brigadier general, who cooperated with the Ministry of Interior, drove through the police roadblock in the Chroy-Changvar blockade in a luxury car. According to the police report, at 9 am on April 17, when the government shut down the capital to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Reingsy drove a luxury car with a police license at a checkpoint in the Chroi Changwar area.

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