5 new cases has been reported in Hà Nội – Vietnam with one new death

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The National Center for Disease Control of Vietnam (HàNội) reported five domestic COVID-19 cases on Sunday morning. Of the new cases, four are related to the outbreak in Bonin Province and the other is related to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases at the Admiralty facility. The four patients are 12th grade students living in Jialin District and are classmates of two COVID-19 patients from Jianfu Middle School in Tuanqing District and Min Town, Bonin Province. Diocese of Hyuk Lok, Phukto District. The patient tested positive on May 5 after visiting the 3181 patient. The patient is being treated at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in the United States. The Handi Center for Disease Control worked with Gia Lam and Fukthu Regional Health Centers to track people who were in close contact with five patients to collect samples for analysis and quarantine in accordance with regulations. The CDC also announced that it is looking for people in Hà Nội from April 30 to May 1 to attend the wedding at Công Hamlet in Mãoiền. Those attending the wedding must be isolated at home and seek immediate advice from the nearest medical institution. And guidance on pandemic prevention measures.

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