Uzbekistan brings back 92 women and children from ISIS families

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The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, Bahram Jan Aliyev, received 92 people of Uzbek nationality, including 24 women and 68 children of Uzbek parents, who had joined ISIS. Aliyev stated that concerning their trial, the protocol will be Based on the Uzbekistani laws, but not on their detention.

The joint head of the Foreign Affairs of North and East Syria, Abdulkareem Omar, pointed out that women who did not commit crimes and there is no proof against them will be handed over to their countries, while the others, should be prosecuted in Syria. Uzbekistan has previously brought back more than 240 people, and according to the representative of Uzbekistan’s foreign affairs, that the nationality of more than 180 people has been confirmed, but 92 people were received according to their will after a tour in the camps.

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