U.S. Agency for International Development awarded scholarships to 5 of Philippines universities

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The US Embassy in Manila said on Wednesday that during the pandemic, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided nearly 12 million pesos ($244,000) in research and innovation grants to five Philippine universities. Grants such as the “Pandemic” or “WARP” will help universities in the Philippines use previous research from the United States Agency for International Development to respond to the new challenges posed by the 2019 coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. WARP grants will also establish partnerships between universities, industry and local governments. The five beneficiaries are:

1. The University of San Carlos in Visayas, which will develop new fungicides for wound dressing and skin healing;

2. Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University A research team analyzed the properties of high-efficiency owl and corn extracts, which can be used in ready-to-eat foods and replace commercial food colorings.

3- Phil Ippines Visayas University, which will help build a jerky tuna business, which can improve the economic opportunities of local fishermen;

4-Mindanao-Iligan State University Technical College, convert coconut oil processing waste into an economically viable alternative Raw material, used to make insulating foam.

5- A team from Mariano Marcos State University will expand ethanol production in villages in the Ilocos region to ensure the sustainable supply of much-needed public health disinfectants. Lawrence Hardy II, the head of the delegation of the United States Agency for International Development, said during WARP: “The diplomatic relationship between the United States and the Philippines is another milestone in this long-term partnership. In this partnership, we will work together to achieve greater goals. With more education and innovation, this is the engine for the Philippines to achieve inclusive growth. Virtual launch rights were granted in April.As part of its STRIDE (Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development) project, USAID has provided grants to nearly 60 research groups in 20 higher education institutions across the country since 2013 to support innovation programs.

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