The President welcomes Mongolia’s re-submission of the third Neighboring Country Trade Law to the US Congress

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“Mongolian President Hartmajn Battulga expressed his full support for the third Mongolian Neighboring Countries Trade Law Bill, which was re-introduced in the Mongolian Congress of the U.S. House of Representatives. (Battulga) A letter to export cashmere and Mongolian textiles to Donald Trump at the time, asking you to support the bill. As a result, Mongolia’s “Third Neighboring Country Trade Act” was issued in the 115th US Proposed in Congress and resubmitted to the 116th U.S. Congress in 2019. One of the most important tasks of the President’s official visit to the United States in July 2019. The second President Battulga personally met with the sponsors Supporters of the bill and other members of Congress. The passage of the law will expand Mongolia’s bilateral trade and exports of non-mining commodities, promote agricultural development and bring stability to women, employment and family income sustainability.The study shows that if the law is passed, Mongolia’s cashmere and textile industries will create more than 30,000 jobs. The “Mongolia Third Party Trade Law” is particularly important for strengthening Mongolia’s third-neighboring country policy and the strategic partnership between Mongolia and the United States. “

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