The death toll from the Ibn Al-Khatib hospital fire rises to 82

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The Iraqi Ministry of Interior reported, on Sunday, that the death toll from the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire in Baghdad has raised to 82 and 110 injured, and the disastrous fire which broke out on the floor reserved for pulmonary resuscitation in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital was caused by the oxygen explosion system. The failure to comply with safety requirements related to storing oxygen cylinders meant for people afflicted with the developing coronavirus is thought to be the cause of the accident and citizens confirmed that the emergency service did not operate in the hospital and that many people died in the hospital due to their separation from the oxygen supply whereas others suffocated due to smoke pointing out that the families continued to search for their relatives in the charred hospital wards, and the patients were jumping out of the windows to escape from the fire.

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