People living in the red zones of Cambodia must take the mandatory Covid-19 test or face a fine of up to US$1,250.

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The Vice Minister of the State Council and Minister of Health, Kim Santepipp, said last night that anyone who fails to cooperate with health officials to provide Cobid-19 test samples should be sanctioned. The fines range from 1,000,000 riel ($250) to 5,000,000 riel. Riels. Riel ($1,250). Prior to the announcement by senior officials of the Ministry of Justice, the government of Phnom Penh, the capital, issued an emergency notice last night, announcing that all residents in the “red zone” will be tested. Santefip confirms. “This proposal. Sant Feip said that paying a fine does not exempt offenders from having to order health workers to collect samples for Covid testing in 19th.

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