Malaysia Ministry of Health: 259 middle school students tested positive for Covid-19

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According to State Health Department Director Datuk Zaini Hussin, of the 464 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Kelantan between April 3 and 16, a total of 259 or 56% were secondary school students.
He said that the rest are elementary school students (111, 24%); the rest are elementary school students. Teachers, school staff and other individuals over the age of 19 (86 people, 19%); and children under the age of seven (eight or 2%).
Kota Bharu has the highest number of positive cases at 189, followed by Tupa (113), Tanah Merah (55), Brazil (36), Makan (20), Bahawk (17), Brazil Putt (15), Kuala Bien (8)), Yali (7) and Guamousan (4), he said
During the detailed introduction, Dr. Zaini said that according to their research, the rapid spread of coronavirus in schools, especially in student dormitories, is caused by many factors.
He said: “It was also discovered that some school administrators did not follow standard operating procedures, which led to the spread of this disease.”
He added that based on the current situation and new and more findings, the department expects that the state’s new cases of Covid-19 may reach 200 or 300 per day.

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