Global warming and desertification threaten agricultural areas

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Mongolia, which is in the middle of global warming like other countries, suffers from desertification and land degradation, which is one of the prominent environmental problems it encounters, as the proportion of the decertified area is about 78%. Environmentalists state the main factors that affect desertification differ from one region to another, the most important of which is climate change and the amount of precipitation in Mongolia, which has not changed at all, but the most noticeable is the change in the time of rain as there is no precipitation in the spring when the plants start while it rains heavily in July and August, damaging the soil. To reduce the effects of climate change, Mongolia continues its research and studies to reduce desertification, as a “One Region One Road” project with China, aiming to reform the degraded lands, while the results recently showed recovery of vegetation cover in some previously degraded areas.

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