Gead of a village in Thailand Infected: and has been failing to quarantine.

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On April 11, after returning from the designated dangerous province, a village chief was investigated for the suspect’s self-prevention quarantine and went to a bench in the Phanom district. She later tested positive for Covid-19.
Kaisorn Kongchalard, the governor of Nakhon Phanom, said Thursday that the infected woman is facing a fact-finding investigation.
The 55-year-old head of Nam Kam Village in Tambang visited his daughter in Pathum Thani on April 9. Pathum Thani Province is one of the 18 provinces declared by the Covid-19 Change Management Center as the largest “red” control zone.
Her daughter and son drove to Tambon Nam Kam on April 11.
According to reports, the woman returned from a high-risk province and entered the family quarantine area as required.
Instead, she brought the same tampon to Sophonthammaram’s Wat meritorious deeds in Sophonthammaram on April 15th and placed a new family car for the blessing of the abbot.
She later fell ill and took the Covid-19 exam. On April 19, the result returned to be positive, and she was taken to the hospital.
The Provincial Public Health Office sent a disease inspection team to check her schedule and actions. The 11 monks and novices who were responsible for this reason were ordered to self-quarantine for 14 days.
She self-isolated and subsequently confirmed the infection, which caused fear among local residents. She is patient No. 48 in this northeastern province.
The governor said that the investigation will continue for 15 days. If errors are found, the village head will be disciplined. It can range from salary cuts, warnings to dismissal.
The governor said that, as a state official, the village chief should take full advantage of her role in preventing the spread of the disease.

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