Đà Lạt emerges as new music touristry centre

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La Lat Resort in Lamong Province has a pleasant climate, gourmet food, and live music performances that have attracted many young people and travelers. La Lat resort in the Central Plateau. “Music tourism” is defined as going to the city to see performances, which is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LaRout School of Education held a concert called “Weston”, which was postponed twice. Unlike performances held in major cities where most tourists live, such as HCM City and HàNội, Tuấn performances in HộiAn, music lovers have to travel, which may increase costs. 27-year-old Han Anh is a resident of HCM City District 2. Said that she has participated in three Tuấn concerts so far. “I am passionate about his music. I can easily imagine the lyrics and emotions that Tuon brings into his songs. Weston Concert offers several ticket levels, the most expensive seat is 4.2 million VND (180 U.S. dollars), at least 900,000 VND . In addition, those attending the concert will have to spend more on transportation and accommodation to stay in La Root for at least two days. Another resident of HCM City, 29-year-old An Han, said: “I think the maximum cost per person on this activity is 8 million VND , because I told myself that it will be a short holiday, plus weekends for good music.” A concert. A visitor from La Lethe said that it has been a long time since he and his girlfriend “breath the fresh air”. He said: “Although I am happy to support the local tourism industry after traveling in Vietnam for more than a year, I am bored because most places have similar activities and resonance, but this was different ” …in the central plateau resort town Typical day activities for backpackers include activities such as chasing clouds, tasting local food, visiting natural cafes and camping. However, you can make the journey more memorable by listening to the concert. Or a mini show until late at night.

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