50 Covid-19 positive Buddhist nuns at the Dharma Practeic Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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The provincial health department stated that the Dharma training center was closed after 50 nuns signed the Covid-19 agreement. After 50 Buddhist nuns tested positive for Covid, the Chiang Mai Public Health Bureau closed a center in Muang district from Saturday for 14 days. The office also interviewed people who have participated in the event in Tambon Pa Daets Mae Kha Noi Village Center since April 7. It will be tested at the Field Hospital of the Chiang Mai International Exhibition Center. The deputy governor of Chiang Mai, Dieng, ordered an investigation after officials discovered that the center was registered to teach Dharma and may provide other services without permission. Services include free routine treatment for certain medical conditions (such as herniated disc, knee pain, and tendinitis). Since Friday, the first 20 patients of the Dharma Meditation Center team have been treated. In addition, Yot Hunyoting, director of the Doi Saket District Health Bureau in Chiang Mai, said that another on-site hospital was conducting operations in Tambon Mae Kue community on Friday to treat patients with Covid-19 disease. These people are mainly children, teachers and parents in the area. At the same time, Virafan said that the number of new cases in Chiang Mai is currently 151. Investigations of groups related to the Dharma meditation center, a kindergarten in Doi Saket and a kindergarten in Muang district found that most of the patients were infected with Covid -19. From the beginning of social activities, the virus began to spread rapidly. Prior to this, there were three other groups in the area, of which 45 people were sick.The first group was infected in a company that infected 13 workers in the same department. The virus is believed to have been spread by a worker who visited entertainment venues when the third outbreak began earlier this month. Those who had no symptoms and did not know they had the virus worked as usual, ate with colleagues and attended company meetings. The second group came from a funeral in Om Koi area. Spread the virus to seven other people. Approximately 200 people in the local population are at risk and are being tested. The third group was held at a gathering of a direct selling company in the province, and 25 cases of Covid-19 were reported.

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