13 Chinese citizens arrested for violating Phnom Penh lockdown

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Last night, the police arrested 13 Chinese citizens and a Cambodian driver for breaking the lockdown. The police stopped two luxury cars at the foot of Chroi Changwar Bridge in Srah Chak Township, Tang Bien District, Phnom Penh. The two cars found that neither of them had any documents to drive through the lockdown. The police subsequently arrested 14 people. After questioning, the Cambodian driver told the police that he had taken 13 Chinese men and women from the Boeung Keng Kang area. Thirteen Chinese citizens and a Cambodian driver were sent to the Phnom Penh Police Station for further investigation. The arrest of 13 people was the root cause of the outbreak on February 20. It all started when four Chinese citizens fled the Sokha Hotel, triggering a chain reaction, resulting in 82 deaths and more than 10,500 COVID-19 deaths today.

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