The model cemetery project in Najaf to face suspicions of corruption

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Lawyers in Najaf city have uncovered a plan in the Iraqi governorate, to establish a “model cemetery”, based on the investment policy, which means that it will provide paid services to the beneficiaries. The lawyers pointed out that the governorate considered the project to bring a social, cultural, and economic benefit for Iraq generally and Najaf in particular, however, the Presidency of the Federal Court of Appeal of Najaf, requested the Integrity Investigation Office, in an official letter, in the governorate, to open an investigation about the present suspicions of corruption and waste in public money in the new model cemetery project, northwest Najaf, on the road linking the governorate with Karbala. The lawyers stated that the cemetery investment project in Iraq contains a massive corruption file since most politicians own vast plots on the periphery of towns and intend to invest it and make a profit from it at the cost of the living and the dead, reaping the benefits of the fullness of old graves and the people’s need for new ones.

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