Khatoon raises ten grandchildren in a tent after losing 14 children in the war

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The war in Syria has changed the life of Abd al-Razzaq Khatoon through four stages that he won’t forget any as because of which, Khatoon lost his children, and became alone with the responsibility of 10 no-parents grandchildren. He could not hold his tears while narrating the details of the tragedy that he faced, pointing out that 7 members of his family died when the war kicked off, so he decided to flee with those who remained to another place seeking stability, however every time he kept losing one of his family members until he lost 14 members. Without any complaints, Khatoon is rising his grandchildren who lost their parents in a tent on the outskirts of Harbanoush town, Idlib countryside, rejecting to move to a camp to allow the children to play without disturbing any of the neighbors.

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