Houthi militia targets the camps for the displaced leading Yemeni families to flee

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Around 570 displaced families fled the “Al-Mil, Al-Khair and Tawasal” camps in Marib, following the Houthi militia attacked them with heavy artillery. This occurred after civilians were killed and six women were injured as a result of the bombing of the “Al-Mile” camp with more than 20 artillery shells and Katyusha rockets on Sunday. According to Saif Muthanna to the head of the Executive Unit for the Management of Displaced Persons Camps in Marib, stated that the shelling with rockets and artillery, forced More than 4,000 displaced people to flee again, and the systematic targeting of the camps by the Houthi militia has contributed to the closure of 27 camps and the displacement of more than (2,671) families from those camps.

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