“Airless Tires” are A Palestinian Innovation Designed for People with Special Needs’ Four-wheel Mobility Scooters

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Abdullah Al Radee’, a young man from Gaza, was inspired to invent “airless tires”, given the restrictions imposed on importing tires and the wasted tires that were used in Gaza border protests. The idea was sparked due to the unbearable hardships that owners of flat tire repair shops have been enduring in light of the ban on importing raw materials used in manufacturing those tires along with their high costs. Accordingly, Al Radee’ was forced to find an alternative, especially that it would help in reducing the costs that people with special needs pay for 4 wheel mobility scooters. The aim was also to upgrade tires by using waste material. Basim Al-Kafarneh, a person with special needs, illustrated that airless tires have significantly facilitated his movement, especially that roads in Gaza are rugged. He added that he longer fears that the tire would pierce, considering the fact that the tires manufactured by Al Radee’ are of high quality.

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