Tunisia lags far behind in the World happiness report


Amid the global health crisis that the world is facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tunisia lagged far behind of “the happiest countries in the world 2020” which is published annually by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, with Tunisia falling 4 positions from the previous year, ranking 128 in the happiness index. This index recognizes the importance of happiness and well-being in man’s life as well as the need to consider it in the public policy goals of the country. Psychiatrists see that this ranking demonstrates the psychological pressures the Tunisians encounter, which is generally related to the general condition of the country, especially during the outbreak of the virus that caused a kind of psychological disruption in the actions of parents resulted of their concerns about their children’s future. Doctors added that the political and social instability and the worsening of the health and living conditions in Tunisia is one of the major causes of depression and fear among various social groups. Meanwhile, citizens stated that the Covid has created a deep sense of insecurity of what the future holds, leading them to resort to social isolation as a result of being under stress.  Doctors suggested Tunisian people participate in a variety of leisure activities and learn new skills that alleviate the daily living burden and be a positive chance to reduces anxiety and stress among the citizen.


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