The First 5-Star Hotel for Pets in Tunis


For animal breeders, to travel or leave the house for days is such a hassle due to the lack of pet hotels. However, a Tunisian girl decided to address the issue and launch a pet hotel, which is the first of its kind in her town- La Soukra in Ariana Governorate. Rahma Haddad houses 52 cats and 36 dogs in her hotel, where pets have an area for sleeping and even for playing. However, pets can stay no longer than a month. Pets receive the needed care and treatment by a team of specialists and vets. Moreover, Rahma was inspired initially by her own experience as she used to travel a lot and couldn’t find a place for her dog, who unfortunately died when she was abroad after he got sick when she left. Rahma believes that owners of those pets can easily travel since a place for pets is available

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