Iran permits the “Awliya al-Dam” militia to attack American installations in Erbil

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From Iraq to Syria, via Lebanon till Yemen, the pro-Iranian militias have intensified their attack after a long silence, the last of which arouse on Monday-Tuesday night, as missiles hit the airport of Erbil in Kurdistan that has American forces and civilian neighborhoods next to the airport. The attack led to the death of a foreign contractor, and the injury of others, including 9 Americans, causing material harm to a variety of houses and businesses. A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Ribeen Salam, states that the Iranian-backed militias have taken extraordinary action when shelled Erbil city and an American base with missiles in Iraqi Kurdistan, explaining how the car carrying the missiles to the semi-autonomous region was concealed and it is a response to the regional government’s submitting names of the wanted to the security in Baghdad. Meanwhile, analysts observed that the name of the Awliya al-Dam Brigades is simply a “cover” for well-known armed factions affiliated with Iran that want the foreign forces to withdraw from Iraq.

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