Heliciculture in Tunisia is Financially and Healthily Beneficial


Heliciculture or snail farming is among the flourishing sectors in terms of marketing and exporting Tunisian products. It is mainly popular in rural areas that enjoy optimal temperatures for snail farming. Snails are distinguished for their health benefits and cosmetics use. Accordingly, Fatih Al-Shartani was inspired to commence his snail farming project. He illustrated that he places the snails in pens or enclosures that enjoy all the needed circumstances for mating and reproduction. They are then moved to the outside garden for 8 months, feeding on customized vegetables. He added that the mucus, commonly known as snail slime is used in ointments for scars and skin blotches’ treatment, along with anti-aging wrinkle creams and skin-deep cleaning products. Studies indicate that snails are high in proteins ( 18.6% to 20.6%) and minerals (1.3% to 1.4%) along with iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and potassium

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