Extracting Essential oils in Tunisia is a Source of Livelihood

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Women in Zaghouan Governorate cherish their lands and mountains and they gain their strength from aromatic mountain plants. Despite being marginalized, they insist on preserving their lands by planting them, from which they make their living. Manal – a young lady who has a degree in Microchemistry, decided not to give up in light of the gloomy reality of the high unemployment rate. Accordingly, she enrolled in training courses on essential oil production, especially those extracted from Rosemary and Thyme. To launch her biological project, she collects plants to extracts oils and fragrances that have many health benefits. Manal’s products including cosmetics and oils are highly demanded especially that the oils she sells are free from any chemicals, not to mention that her prices are affordable. Manal dreams of selling her products in different countries of the world. She pointed out that with painstaking work, dreams may come true

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