A Palestinian makes electric vehicles for people with disabilities out of scrap metal


The Palestinian Moamen Abu Raida collects scrap from a local market, southern Gaza, to turn them into small electric vehicles perfect for supporting the aged, the disabled, and people with special needs to move around, selling them at cheap cost. In his small workshop build with tin, Abu Raida works to turn old scrap parts into low-priced projects. He appeared satisfied with his new success of developing more than one small electric car model, considering it an acceptable and low-cost option for people with disabilities as an alternative to expensive vehicles. Abu Raida pointed out that there is a gap between a local electric car and a commercial one in terms of price, as a local one varies between 300 to 400 dollars, while the commercial one between 2,500 to 2,700 dollars, noting that the local differs from the commercial as regard the external structure, however, the quality and performance are the same.

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