Syria – Hostages of “ISIS”, Saqr’s mother awaits for him after being kidnapped by ISIS

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Al-Hawl/ Hasakah- Syria 18/11/2020  Saqr’s mother keeps doing his clothes in vain after being kidnapped for 5 years and she was only left with some of his childhood pictures. The mother cant anymore affords the terrible life with her only daughter since ISIS, who had destroyed the area many times before, kidnapped her son Saqr while he was having some pomegranates along with other children accusing him of being an agent using wire chips. The local council in Al-Hawl points out that many children and people were kidnapped by ISIS under many accusations. Some were kidnapped and get their heads, hands, or skin cut off. The council stated that the fate of missing people is still unknown despite that ISIS is over.  

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