Oman Air says aircraft damaged by runway debris grounded in Iran

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Oman Air said Tuesday that one of its Boeing 737s had been grounded in Iran after sustaining damage “caused by debris on the runway” at Shiraz International Airport.

“Due to aircraft damage caused by debris on the runway while landing at Shiraz International Airport, flight WY2435 on 15th May 2023 has been grounded,” it said in a statement.

“Our engineering team is undertaking the necessary measures to safely bring the aircraft back to Muscat, however, due to paramount safety considerations, it is presently kept grounded and as a consequence, flight WY2436 returning to Muscat has been delayed.” the airline.

It described the route as operating as a chartered flight, and said: “Since Oman Air does not operate scheduled flights to Shiraz, no airport staff are positioned there.”

It added that they are are coordinating with the local service provider and that those stuck had been provided accommodation in Shiraz, some 680 kilometers (420 miles) southeast of Tehran.

“Another aircraft has been dispatched to return our guests to their destination in Muscat,” it also said.

However, other airlines have faced challenges in bringing back damaged aircraft. US sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program have barred spare aviation parts from being on hand in the Islamic Republic. That complicates repairs on aircraft from both Boeing Co. and Airbus, which have American-made parts.

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