House of Jordanian ambassador attacked in Khartoum

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Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs announced Friday that the house of the Jordanian ambassador in Khartoum was attacked and vandalized.

It also confirmed that ambassador Saed Radaideh and his embassy staff were at Port Sudan at the time, and that none of them were harmed in the attack.

The Ministry affirmed Jordan’s condemnation and denunciation of all forms of violence and vandalism, especially those that violate the sanctity of diplomatic buildings.

It also stressed the need to respect the rules of international law and relevant international agreements, especially the Vienna Convention.

Earlier this month, the embassy of Jordan in Khartoum was stormed and vandalized, which prompted condemnation from Arab neighbors including Saudi Arabia.

On Friday, a joint statement from the Kingdom and the US said the situation in Sudan had improved since Wednesday, when there had been serious breaches of the cease-fire in Sudan.

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