The US intelligence is getting closer to solving the mystery of the “Havana Syndrome” illness. So what are its symptoms? And what is its story?


Just days ago, the term “Havana Syndrome” reappeared in international news bulletins, especially in the United States. The syndrome is a set of health symptoms that began affecting US embassy employees in the Cuban capital of Havana in 2016. So what’s the story behind it

The “Observatory” program (2023/3/13) covered a part of the story of the “Havana syndrome” that has been in the news for years, and the timeline of the tense diplomatic relations between the neighboring United States and Cuba since the mid-20th century. The symptoms of this syndrome include loud ringing in the ears, nausea, fatigue, and severe headache

Since then, media outlets, analysts, and doctors have woven several theories about an unconventional weapon that uses sound waves, which is believed to be used by one of the enemies of the United States. Over the years, several medical studies have been conducted, and the US intelligence conducted detailed field investigations to solve this mystery

However, at the beginning of March, the secrecy was lifted on a report by the U.S. National Intelligence Council, which includes the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other security agencies. The report concluded that there is no suspicion of any hostile action by any foreign power

Despite the fact that in 2016, similar symptoms to those of Havana Syndrome were reported among employees in other embassies, the American media chose to talk about an aggressive act targeting American diplomats and security personnel in Havana, based on conspiracy theories

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