The Finance Minister of Saudi Arabia expressed a willingness to invest in Iran promptly


Following the restoration of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Kingdom’s Finance Minister, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, has expressed the country’s willingness to invest quickly in Iran. The two nations agreed last Friday to renew their diplomatic ties and reopen their embassies within two months.

During his speech at the Financial Sector Conference in Riyadh, Al-Jadaan was asked about the timeline for Saudi Arabia to start making substantial investments in Iran.

In response, he stated that it could happen quickly and further added that their aim is to promote a stable region that can provide for its people and prosper. Al-Jadaan emphasized that Iran is Saudi Arabia’s neighbor, with a shared history of hundreds of years, and there is no reason why a positive relationship cannot continue.

Al-Jadaan expressed that there are many investment opportunities in Iran, which Saudi Arabia is willing to explore, as long as goodwill prevails. The finance minister also highlighted that the key to establishing a positive relationship between the two nations is adhering to the agreements around sovereignty and non-interference.

He further added that he sees no obstacles to normalizing the relationship between the two countries, and both sides should work towards mutual benefits.

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