Tunisian women prove their worth in men’s professions


Carpentry, masonry, auto repair, and aircraft piloting were among the professions practiced by men; but the development of Arab societies made women practice such professions.

Sociologists attribute Tunisian women breaking into the world of men’s businesses to the difficult social and living conditions in Tunisia, which forced women to work to support their families, especially in cases where they are the only breadwinners at home.

Tunisian sociologists say that the high percentage of females working in male professions is evidence of the deterioration of the economy and the change in social roles and stereotypes of men and women.

Tunisian society used to assign women to domestic and reproductive jobs, or to specific jobs such as teaching, nursing, and sewing.

Tunisian Labiba Ferchichi, who has been working at a gas station for more than 20 years, told A24 that the path to success is perseverance. Despite social rejection and arduous working conditions, she dedicated herself to this job and succeeded in overcoming all obstacles.

Heavy truck driver Nadia Abu Fares told the A24 reporter that she found it strange at first to work in such a job with all the men around her, but she proved that passion, practice and will are key factors for success.

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