Tokyo unwitting host to Chinese “police station”: report

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Japan’s Foreign Ministry on Monday shared with lawmakers a rights group’s report claiming that Tokyo is unwittingly hosting a so-called Chinese overseas police station, believed to monitor and threaten Chinese citizens abroad.

Tokyo was among a total of 102 locations in at least 53 countries around the world where such stations are located, according to the report published by a Spanish human rights watchdog and shared in a meeting with ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers.

The government has, through diplomatic channels, already relayed to Beijing that any activities conducted that could infringe on Japan’s sovereignty are “absolutely unacceptable.”

The police station is believed to have been set up with the involvement of the public security bureau of Fuzhou in China’s Fujian Province.

Another station, set up by the Nantong public security bureau in Jiangsu Province, is believed to exist in Japan in an unknown location.

A conservative group within the LDP known as “the Conference to Japan’s Dignity and National Interest” called a meeting in the Diet Monday, urging the government to clarify the matter.




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