The first China-Arab Summit kicks off in Riyadh


The first China-Arab Summit kicked off on Friday at King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center in Saudi capital, Riyadh, attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping, along with Arab presidents and leaders.

Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said, “We look forward to a new phase in our partnership”, adding that “The China-Arab Summit will lead to a brighter future, as it aims for comprehensive cooperation that promotes common interests.”

The Crown Prince said the trade exchange between Arab countries and China has exceeded 300 billion dollars.

The Chinese President confirmed that China-Arab Summit aims to build a common future for a new world. He added that the injustice Palestinian people have been suffering for ages cannot continue, and expressed support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

A number of Arab leaders stated, during their speeches at the summit, that this summit is a new starting point for economic cooperation between Arab world and China, stressing the need for Arab countries to develop relations with China in all fields.


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