Gulf-China Summit kicks off in Riyadh


The first China-Gulf Summit kicked off today in Saudi capital of Riyadh, with the attendance of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saudi Crown Prince said at the opening China-Gulf Summit that the GCC countries will remain a reliable source of energy to supply the world with what it needs, adding that they look forward to forming various partnerships and strengthening ties with China.

The Crown Prince stressed the need for a just and permanent solution to the Palestinian issue, while also stating full support towards reaching a comprehensive political solution to the Yemeni crisis, mentioning the need for Iran’s adherence to international agreements and treaties.

The Chinese President welcomed Gulf Cooperation Council’s participation in the global security initiative, pointing to the formation of a new cooperation structure in the field of energy in the coming years. He added that China will work in establishing an investment council with the Gulf Cooperation Council.


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