World Health Organization says Jordanian families spend more on smoking than food


According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, Jordan ranks first in the world in smoking; 82 percent of smokers, aged 18 to 69 smoke cigarettes and hookah, and 15% smoke electronic cigarettes. Studies revealed that Jordanian families spend an average of 73.6 Jordanian Dinars per month on smoking, which is more than what they spend on food, noting that smoking revenues in Jordan amount to 899 million dinars.

However, the government bears more than 1.7 billion in costs of long-term risks of smoking and related illnesses. Economists said that the studies conducted by the World Health Organization reveal the extent of psychological pressure Jordanian citizens are under due to poor living and economic conditions, that force them to resort to smoking despite the government raising prices in an effort to eliminate this dangerous scourge.

Citizens, who are smokers, explained that smoking is much more important to them than food and drink, as they inquire about the price of a pack of cigarettes before the price of bread or food.

Traders and sellers confirm that the percentage of tobacco sales is higher than sales of foodstuffs. The Ministry of Health has established 27 smoking cessation clinics, in an effort to combat the scourge of smoking, stop smoking in different regions of Jordan, in addition to procuring medicines and tools worth more than one million dinars that help people quit smoking.

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