Students and teachers build huts, set up tents to continue education


Teachers and their students are busy building huts for new classrooms in a village in Hajjah Governorate in northwestern Yemen. They are struggling to keep their tents from falling apart due to wind and rain, amid harsh weather conditions and lack of support from the government and humanitarian organizations involved in education.

More than 150 students along with their teacher were able recently to build 10 classrooms; which are four huts, five tents, and a room made with wooden panels. Al-Yarmouk School in Al-Rozom village in Abs District of Hajjah governorate, where students receive their education, is about 7 km away from the front line between government forces and Houthis.

UNICEF confirmed in its recent statistics that more than 2900 schools were destroyed (at least one out of every 4 schools), partially damaged or used for non-educational purposes as a result of 7 years of conflict in Yemen.


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