Smiles, drama and tears as unusual Malaysian GE candidates show up


The elections may be a serious affair but there were lots of color and drama as some rather unusual candidates decided to throw their hats into the ring.

There was a social activist and serial police report maker Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah, well known for his “Kipidap, dongibab” (Keep it up, don’t give up) tagline. He showed up in his red traditional suit, headdress and his signature dark sunglasses.

And there was eccentric celebrity Diva AA, who decided not to take on brother Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, caretaker International Trade and Industry Minister, at the last minute because their “mother had come in his dreams” to advise him against it.

Diva AA, whose real name is Azwan Ali, sobbed in front of the media as he told of his mother’s advice.

“Mak Tom came into my dreams often and she advised me to not contest in GE15. I always visit her grave to pour out my heart, and I know she is listening,” he said.

He had taken on his brother in Gombak in 2018 but polled only 90 votes.

There was also a visually impaired man who just missed submitting his nomination papers.

Retiree Habib Bourguiba Abd Hamid, 53, was denied entry into the nomination center in Titiwangsa when he arrived two minutes after nominations closed.


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