Poverty and unemployment scourge the lives of Iraqis

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Iraqi non-governmental organizations reported that in recent period the poverty rate in Iraq has increased in parallel with increase in the unemployment rate, calling on new Iraqi government, headed by Mohammed al-Sudani, for solutions that are not a “temporary fix”.

This comes after about a month of the warning Iraqi High Commission For Human Rights issued, which said that “Iraqi families do not have their daily needs in quality and quantity,” highlighting the failure of poverty alleviation strategies successive governments have pursued in the past years.

Shatha Naji, official in a non-governmental organization, told A24 the government should start building factories and institutions to employ workers and reduce unemployment and poverty rates in Iraq.

Non-governmental organizations reported that the unemployment rate rose to 14%, which is about four million people, due to increase in the value of US dollar against Iraqi dinar, lack of support for industrial and agricultural sectors, and heavy reliance on imports.


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