Iranian dams on the tributaries of Tigris threaten water reserves in Iraq


The water level of Tigris River continues to decline due to climate change and construction of dams on its tributaries by neighboring countries of Iraq. The water level of Tigris River has decreased significantly, which has affected agricultural activity and led to the displacement of people from the countryside to the cities.

Director-General of the National Center for Water Resources Management, Hatem Hamid, told A24 that the construction of Iranian dams on the tributaries of rivers shared between the two countries led to a decrease in water reserves in Iraq. He said that the Ministry of Water Resources demanded concerned authorities in Iran to hold meetings on the sharing of water resources and solving related problems, but Iran has been stalling in its response.

He added that Iraqi government will continue dialogue with neighboring countries, Iran and Turkey, to hold bilateral talks to reach a permanent agreement on water quotas that guarantee Iraq’s water rights. According to recent International Organization for Migration reports, more than 3,300 families have been displaced to urban areas due to climatic conditions in a number of central and southern governorates of Iraq.


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