Displaced persons use huts as shelter in Hajjah governorate


Yemen ranks fourth in highest number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) according to international organizations. Eight years of war have resulted in more than 1,220 IDP camps and settlements, 774 of which are in areas under control of the legitimate government, according to the Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management.

More than 4,200 families, including 1,200 displaced families in 67 displacement sites, in Hajjah governorate in western Yemen, which is under control of the legitimate government, live in extremely difficult humanitarian and economic conditions, as most families resort to building huts more than twice a year and living in dilapidated tents due to the heavy rain and strong wind that destroy their homes.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees warned, on October 26, 2022, that more than two-thirds out of a total of 540 thousand displaced persons in Yemen are in urgent need of financial support to cover their basic needs, but will not receive any due to poor funding. He said the lack of support may endanger their lives, especially in light of the severe humanitarian crisis afflicting Yemen in general, and displaced persons in particular.


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