Arab Summit kicks off in Algeria


The 31st Arab Summit was launched Tuesday evening in the capital Algiers, under the slogan of reunification, after a 3-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The summit, which will be held for two days on Tuesday and Wednesday, will be attended by Emir of Qatar, Presidents of Egypt, Palestine, Mauritania, Iraq, Tunisia, Comoros, Somalia and Djibouti, in addition to heads of presidential councils of Yemen, Libya and Sudan, Vice President of Emirates, and Crown Princes of Jordan and Kuwait. Arab leaders will discuss the “Algerian declaration” agreement that was approved by Arab foreign ministers during the 3-day meetings that took place last week. The declaration’s most important provisions include reunifying Arab countries to face new international changes, resolving Arab crises, especially the Palestinian issue, reforming Arab League and achieving food security in light of the high prices of raw materials as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war.


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